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Amber Propst


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How many pictures will we receive?

This depends on the type and length of your session. Each session will receive a minimum of twenty photographs.

What’s the best time to have a session?

The hour following sunrise and hour/hour and a half before sunset are the best times to have a session.

How should we dress for our family session?

Light, solid colors photograph best. If one person is in a print, try to make sure that everyone else is in solid colors. For women/girls, loose, flowey dresses, skirts, shirts, etc.. are typically the most flattering in photos.

We don’t feel very confident in front of the camera, is that ok?

Absolutely! I'm all about making your session fun and comfortable. If it makes you feel better you can look up poses you like prior to your session and send them to me. If not, I will take care of everything for you!